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The following geographical, economic, and demographic information is provided as part of our effort to facilitate the growth of international investment in the Leningrad Region.  In this section you will find useful information on the major geographical features of the Leningrad Region, the social and economic development of the region and its demographic trends.

Regional budget

Both for those who live in the Leningrad Region and those who wish to conduct business here an open and maximally transparent government fiscal system is of critical importance.  The Leningrad Regional Government is committed to creating this structure. 

This section includes important information regarding current expenditure structure of the Government as well as the relationship between the Leningrad Regional Government and municipal entities regarding taxation of property, natural resources and gaming.  

For more detailed information, please refer to the Russian version of the site at . 


The Leningrad Region last year saw considerable growth in the volume of industrial production, investment in the basic capital from different financial sources, and successful realization of investment projects. These factors generated a profit of 11,8 billion rubles in 2002. This is 23,6% more than in 2001 and in 90 times more than in 1998.

Year by year there has been a stable increase of average monthly wages. For example, in December 2002 it was more 5800 rubles. Real salaries have risen 36% relative to 1998.

During the last 5 years, government attention and resources have been devoted to ensuring improvement of the standard of living, employment of the adult work force, and improvement of the quality and accessibility of the most important social services.

The most important result of the educational systems development in the last years was the realization of the transition from a unification to a variation system.

Great attention was devoted to the development of the network of village Agrarian, environmental and culturological models of the schools are operating in the region. Significant attention was devoted to the patriotically education, to the maintaining of national schools Russian, Finnish and Vepsian. Every second schoolchild has access to continuing education.

In the field of health care in the region started operating a mandatory system of medical insurance. In the nearest future out-patient treatment, preventive treatment of illnesses and development of less expensive methods of treatment in hospitals will be emphasized.

During the last several years there has been stable development of the labor market and reduction of the unemployment level in the region.

In the social-political field there is no any opposition in the society and administrative bodies.

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